Mediation not Litigation

Mediation: The Alternative to Costly Litigation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a method of resolving conflict with the help of a neutral facilitator. The goal of A SMARTER DIVORCE mediation is to aid the parties in resolving all of their disputes themselves without the need for costly litigation. A SMARTER DIVORCE mediation addresses all parenting and financial issues in a non-adversarial setting. Mediation allows you to keep control of the process and develop solutions to your situation that are unique and best for you. Mediation can also help you establish a framework for addressing future disputes which arise during child-rearing years.

Mediation or Litigation?
You control the process and make decisions about your future. Judges and attorneys control the process and make decisions and rulings about your future.
You control the speed and length of the process. At A SMARTER DIVORCE MEDIATION SERVICES the process often is completed in 2-4 sessions (sessions are typically 2 hours each) A contested divorce often lasts for 18 months or longer. The speed and length of a case is determined by the Court and the attorneys.
Communication is direct and civil between the parties, with the aid of the mediator. Communication is only through attorneys.
Parents make decisions regarding the best interests of their children. Courts and hired "evaluators" decide the future of the children.
Personal and financial issues are kept confidential. Records are public as are court proceedings.
The costs of an average mediation with A SMARTER DIVORCE MEDIATION SERVICES is usually $2500-$4500. A litigated case could cost each party upwards of $50,000 depending on how many contested issues exist.
Mediation is voluntary and all issues are resolved through mutual agreement. All issues are decided by a Judge.
Parties who mediate their initial divorce acquire tools to resolve future disputes themselves. Parties who litigate their initial divorce are more likely to wind up in court repeatedly to litigate future disputes.