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Mediation: The Alternative to Costly Litigation

Why Co-Mediation?

Co-mediation enhances the benefits of mediation by having two skilled mediators work with the couple. This method increases the experience, knowledge and problem solving creativity provided by the mediators. Joan and Doug have helped guide many couples to creative solutions which were not even thought of prior to the start of the mediation.

Co-mediation also offers the opportunity for the parties to be in separate rooms, when necessary, and still use time efficiently since the mediators can split up rather than having one mediator shuttling between two rooms.

Over the years we have found that having a male-female team is also effective. The mediators are both neutral and work as a team; neither mediator will be the “wife’s mediator” or the “husband’s mediator.” However, some people are simply more comfortable speaking to a certain gender, or do not wish to be in room where they are “outnumbered” by the other gender. This provides an atmosphere where the participants are more relaxed and creative throughout the process.

At A Smarter Divorce, our rates for two mediators are similar or only slightly higher than rates for one mediator elsewhere. In our experience, co-mediation results in a better outcome in a shorter amount of time and therefore the total cost to the couple is actually comparable or less than using one mediator.